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Making HerStory Everday!

March is the month for celebrating women and all of our accomplishments. Either past or present, international or domestic, large scale or small, your contributions to history are important, necessary and they deserve to be celebrated.

Always remember the opinions and judgements of others belong to them. Never allow those opinions to keep you from expressing your intelligence, your creativity and your freedom to be exactly who you desire to be.

Now my question to you is, “what do you want to accomplish and what’s your plan to get there?

How will you muster up the confidence to show up for yourself and to take the necessary risks to live a life that you love?

The Law of Navigation is often used by leaders to ensure their team is well prepared for success. I like to use this law when I tackle any type of personal endeavor.

The Law of Navigation says, “A Leader is one who sees more than others see, who sees farther than others see and who sees before others do.”  In short, this means you need to approach your dreams from a 365-degree view and then zoom in on the details. Open your eyes, your heart and your mind to envision the journey and all that you will need to make it a reality.

So, what is that you want to accomplish and how do you need to prepare for it. What’s your goal and what milestones do you need to accomplish in order to get there?

Let’s talk about your vision. For the month of March, you can grab one of my quick hit strategy sessions for 50% off. You’ll have 60 minutes to run your idea by a neutral party and brainstorm different ways to make it a reality. Now is your time to make a plan and act on.

What side of women’s history do you want to be on?

Keep dreaming. believing & manifesting!

Oh yeah, if you’re near Charlotte, NC today stop by The Coco Drip from 12p-3p. The location is 1824 Statesville Blvd. Ste. 105, Charlotte, NC.

I’ll have a variety of Planters, Sunglasses, Headwraps and Earrings for your shopping pleasure!

Happy Women’s History Month!


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Tip 4: You Do Not Have to Be a Ride or Die Partner
Let go of being the “ride or die” in all your relationships. A woman who is a “ride or die” is someone who will do whatever for a person they love. This can be a partner, friend or family member. Usually, it means you exhibit an extreme loyalty that can also lead you into unfulfilling situations. Ask yourself “why should you die for love?” (mentally, physically or emotionally)
Stop seeking relationships where you can act as a savior to an individual. Find connections where the energy you put out is reciprocated. Listen to your intuition and embrace relationships that elevate your life!
Expert from Self-Care for Black Women pg:139
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Weekly Devotional – Grounded for Stability

Outside of relationship with God, I am lost. There are no number of Social Activities, Work Engagements or other Commitments that allow me to feel the same satisfaction as having a true and uninhibited relationship with God.

In relationship I find peace, understanding, structure and stability.

I will embrace my uniqueness and seek to fully understand the work that I have been purposed to complete.

The closer I move toward God the more I understand who I am in him.

  • Words of reflection: relationship, satisfaction, uniqueness, uninhibited, purposed, structure, stability
  • Inspiration: Jesus Calling / Page:211
  • Scripture Reference: Psalm 42:1-2; Psalm 34:5; Philippians 2:15

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Timeout Episode 1 – Daily Devotionals

Hey Hey! You are tuned in to the first Episode of Timeout!

Today I’m talking about Daily Devotionals. As a woman who decided to take a Timeout from the constant chaos, and the daily duties of life in order to focus more on things that add peace, joy & delight to my existence, please accept this as your personal invitation to join me in my quest.

I hope you will listen in and gain inspiration on how to jazz up your reflective time.

When you’re finished, leave me a comment and let me know if this Episode has been helpful for you.

We’re now on YouTube. Click here to subscribe!



Timeout Episode 1

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Trades of Hope

Trades of Hope empowers women out of poverty around the world while creating entrepreneurial opportunities for the modern American woman by selling ethically produced fashion accessories and home décor.

So many women live in poverty, not because they lack abilities, but because they lack opportunity. Trades of Hope was started to give women the opportunity for a better life. Each woman has a story, and with Trades of Hope’s help, their story has changed from pain and struggle to a story of hope!

We work with the artisans themselves and organizations that are helping women in difficult circumstances. Some women have been rescued from sex slavery. Others are raising handicapped children alone. Some are in war torn countries and others have aids and leprosy. These women have never had the chances we’ve had, yet they are just like us in so many ways. They love their families and hope and dream of a better life for them.

If you’re local to the Charlotte Metro area, JOIN me for a Trades of Hope Party. You will have the opportunity to order one of a kind items for Mother’s Day, grab unique graduation gifts and learn more about how this wonderful ministry is helping to pull women out of poverty. EMAIL me today at to secure your spot!

Find Peace and Be Well.


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Tip #31 Do Your Best & Trust in God

Happy Thursday Peaceful Souls! I can’t believe we’re already at the end of Women’s History Month and on our last day of the #loveme2Peace Campaign. I hope you’ve gained some insight on how to attract more peace in your life through self-care, self-love and self-reflection. The whole point of the #loveme2Peace movement is to help you become more intentional with your thoughts, actions and words to positively influence yourself, your space and those around you.

Throughout the duration of our Campaign, I’ve experienced numerous opportunities to utilize the tips and advice that I’ve shared with you. I can honestly say that each time I faced a new challenge, I was able to refer back to the list of tips and intentionally chart a path back to peace. Let’s recap the list of tips and then I will share today’s final tip with you.

30. Don’t Take It Personally

29. Be Flexible

28. Do It Anyway

27. Love Always Wins

26. Don’t Settle

25. Believe There is a Bigger Purpose

24. Make Plans for your Future

23. Choose Wisely

22. Get Uncomfortable

21. Believe that your Efforts are not in Vain

20. Invest in Yourself

19. Laugh Often

18. Trust the Process

17. Consistently Pray

16. Know When to Be Silent

15. Consider the How

14. Be Honest With Yourself

13. Lend A Helping Hand

12. Re-evaluate Your Circle

11. Let Go of the Extra Baggage

10. Never Stop Learning

9. Stop Procrastinating

8. Live Your Life

7. Share Your Story

6. Set Your Heart Toward Peace

5. Take Time to Relax

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Dream Big

2. Believe that You Are Qualified

1. Start Each Day with Gratitude
Today’s tip: Do Your Best & Trust in God
No matter how good your intentions are, you only have a limited amount of power. Your influence and abilities are limited. You can only love so much, help so much and do so much.
The great thing about all of this is that God only requires a little from us. He never puts more on us than we can bear so what we have, we need to give.
After we’ve done all that we can do there’s this special formula called Grace that God extends to those who love him. Grace to face ever day challenges, Grace to love those who seem unlovable and Grace to help us along our journey.
“If it had not been for the Grace of God, where o where would I Be.”
My name is Melissa Rivers and I am a Peace Empowerment Coach. I didn’t choose this life, God gifted it to me. Through various challenges, setbacks and bad decisions, God showed me how to Find Peace and Be Well. Today I extend that offer to you. If you are at a point in your life where you’re ready to actively pursue peace, allow me to help you.
Email me today at to set up a confidential discovery call. I’ll help you create an action plan for peace and begin living life with intention and on purpose.
Thanks for hanging out with me this month. I’ll be back next week with a weekly blog post.
Find Peace and Be Well
Empty wooden deck table
Empty wooden deck table
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Tip #15 Consider the How

Wow, can you believe that we’re already on day 14 of the #loveme2Peace Campaign. We’re nearly half way to completion for our 31 days of self-care and self-love. I can honestly say that I’ve been challenged throughout this journey to be more intentional at creating more opportunities for Peace in my life. As I’ve said numerous times before, choosing Peace is not always the easiest thing to do, but it is the right thing to do. Before I jump into today’s tip, let’s do a quick recap of the last 14 days.

  1. Start Each Day With Gratitude
  2. Believe that You Are Qualified
  3. Don’t Be Afraid to Dream Big
  4. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help
  5. Take Time to Relax
  6. Set Your Heart Toward Peace
  7. Share Your Story
  8. Live Your Life
  9. Stop Procrastinating
  10. Never Stop Learning
  11. Let Go of the Extra Baggage
  12. Re-evaluate Your Circle
  13. Lend A Helping Hand
  14. Be Honest With Yourself

Today’s tip: “Consider the How”

Is there something that you’ve been wanting to experience but you can’t quite figure out how to make it happen? Do you often stop yourself from dreaming big because of limited resources? Instead of saying I can’t do this or I can’t afford that, change your dialogue to say How can I make this happen or What can I do to afford this opportunity. When we intentionally choose to look at or situation differently something magical happens, creativity follows! Not only will you brainstorm solutions to help you achieve your goals, you’re stopping the self—limiting belief system that you’ve created.

Sounds easy right? Give it a shot today and let me know how you’re doing.


Find Peace and Be Well

self limiting quote

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Tip #12 Re-evaluate Your Circle

Happy Saturday! I hope all is well for you. I want to start off by congratulating you for hanging with me this far. I get so excited when I receive your emails about how the information is making a difference in your life! I’m glad to be of service to you and I’m thankful that God has a relevant message for me to share! With that being said, we are 12 days in to our #loveme2Peace campaign. If you can’t tell by now, there are endless ways to incorporate self-love and self-care into your daily routine. All it takes is a little intention.

So what are your plans for this weekend? I planned to have a huge garage sale but I’m not quite ready. I still have several closets to clean out so I’ll save that for a later date. For the past several weeks I’ve been enrolled in a Financial Peace class by Dave Ramsey. I’ve taken the class before but the information is awesome and the group that I’m involved with is really great. I haven’t been able to attend the group session in about a month due to other obligations but today I’m looking forward to connecting with like-minded individuals and generating some interesting conversations. With that being said, today’s tip is:

“Re-evaluate Your Circle”

How strong is your circle of supporters? Do your friends have your best interests at heart? Do they challenge you to be better? Do they stretch your thinking? Are they there for you during tough times? Do they include you?

All of these are great questions to consider when thinking about your friends. True friendships are a way to maintain Peace and balance in our lives. There’s nothing more rewarding than having friends that you can count on and trust to show up when needed and allow you to share in their lives. I will never forget the love that my small group of friends demonstrated as I was recovering from breast cancer surgery. As soon as I hit the recovery room in my dazed and confused state the flowers, cards, visits, texts, calls and chicken noodle soup kept rolling in. It was awesome to witness.

So what does your friend circle look like? Take an inventory, determine if it’s working for you and if not, adjust as necessary!

Find Peace and Be Well


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Tip #11 Let Go of the Extra Baggage

It’s Friday Peace Makers! This week has surely rolled by fast. Once again the weekend is upon us and we are in Day 11 of our #loveme2Peace Campaign. You have a few days to unwind and take it easy.

In my area, the weather is going to be nice with above average temperatures. This is the perfect opportunity to get outside, take a walk and just breathe. I plan to have a garage sale. My baby Mansion is officially starting to feel like a one room Condo. My stuff has stuff and it’s a lot to deal with it.

Many times in life we begin to accumulate things without keeping an accurate inventory list. I’m not referring to only material things, physical and emotional things come into play as well. Have you found yourself picking up extra weight over the past few years or maybe even picking up the judgments and opinions that others have about you? It’s not uncommon to allow these things to take up space in your life. So here’s today’s tip is:

“Let Go of the Extra Baggage.”

When you’re packing for a trip it’s always good to pack what you need and a little more just in case of emergency. But when your little more turns into additional carry-ons and totes, you’re going to have trouble lugging all of that around with you. The same is true for our personal lives. If we’re carrying around hurt and shame from things that we’ve dealt with in the past, we can’t successful navigate through life. Sometimes you just have to let go and trust that things will be better on the other side of your pain. My challenge to you today is to find 2 items that you haven’t used in a very long time. Donate them to a local charity, re-gift them to someone who needs an “It’s Friday” gift or put them on E-bay and make some extra cash. After you done this send me an email ( and let me know how it felt.

In your quest to let go, I have the perfect scripture to help support you in releasing those physical and emotional weights. “Turn your burdens over to the LORD, and he will take care of you. He will never let the righteous person stumble.”  This particular wording comes from the God’s Word Translation of the Bible.

Find Peace and Be Well!

Day 11 Let It Go