Socialize! Curate Your Network with Diverse Perspective


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Who’s In Your Network?

Your network should be as flavorful, nourishing and nutritious as a well-planned Charcuterie Board!
You need a little sweet, a little spicy, a whole lotta savory and quite a bit of substance!
Even a few fillers here and there can be beneficial.
During this presentation, I will discuss the essential characteristics of key individuals that you should have in your network and why certain traits are a necessity.
In the process I will illustrate how to create a bountiful veggie charcuterie board and how to fill it with items that are essential for positive growth.

In the end, you will have two fabulous recipes. One recipe to help you build your network and for building your charcuterie board.

During this gathering you will refine your social wellness skills by understanding the following:
  • 9 Enneagram Types and their attributes 
  • Guided Journaling Prompts to help you communicate your needs better
  • Build a customized Charcuterie board
  • Herbal Tea & Champagne Mimosa Toast (non-alcoholic version available upon request)



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