No More Struggle Prayers

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If you’ve ever struggled to find the right words to pray, this
creative writing course will teach you how to become a more powerful
prayer warrior through focused intention, enhanced energy and creative

You will discover what motivates you to pray and how to identify
powerless, casual language in your prayers.

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1 review for No More Struggle Prayers

  1. Chantel Grier

    No More Struggle Prayers is great! The way Ms. Rivers wrote this book not only taught me how to have a fierce prayer life (because trust me, I just knew because I prayed a lot, my prayers were effective), but also it taught me how to study the Bible. That was something that I struggled with. In being able to recall scriptures and figures in the Bible while I talk with God, allows me to feel closer to Him and to better understand His word. I now have references that align with my needs. I am grateful for this book.

    • Origins of Peace (verified owner)

      Thank you so much!

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