CALM Leadership Training & Development Workshop



This 4-hour comprehensive workshop provides a unique opportunity to grow strategic planning skills, enhance operations management capabilities, and increase talent development through Communication, Accountability, Learning and Mentoring. This workshop is ideal for Leaders who desire to build wholistic, transparent relationships with their team and for those who want to create an inclusive working environment.

  • You will receive guidance on creating a compassionate Communications Plan to strategize and organize internal and external communications and cultivate positive team dialogue to foster an inclusive, safe environment and to build connections and networks
  • Develop effective Accountability techniques to promote greatness amongst your team and inspire excellent team performance
  • Build trust through Learning by nurturing your ability to work with all levels within your organization, including the ability to ‘lead by influence’ and energize diverse teams of multiple skills and job disciplines
  • Build a progressive Mentoring plan to demonstrate leadership, attention to detail by sharing prior experiences and proven comfortability with creating structure to meet the objectives of the program with limited information

Individual and Group Session Available. Email for details on Group Pricing


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