Meet Melissa

Hi there! I am Melissa Rivers, your in-house Creative Peace Designer!

In other words, I am a Conflict Resolution Strategist and a Continuous Improvement Coach. I teach strategies to Individuals & Business Owners and that promote mental clarity, self-preservation and service to others.


After managing a series of personal and professional losses, I develop my signature Peace By Design course to redirect my focus and improve my life.

Once I had a solid plan, I set a timeline to diligently work toward achieving my goals. My ability to dream big and visualize a BETTER life for myself and my family allowed me to generate solutions and creatively design my way to Peace!

In addition to my personal success, I am a PROSCI Certified Change Manager, a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and I have a Master’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies.

I would love to help you design your way to Peace!

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