1. 30 Day Journaling Challenge Calendar.

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Find out the benefits of journaling and how to do it better by clicking here.

2. Hey love! ✌🏾Are you ready to put your goals to work and create new opportunities for Peace in your life. Studies show that people who have a written plan are 20 times more likely to achieve their goals!

Take inspired action by completing this simple 4 step process:

a. On a sheet of paper, write down a few challenges that you are currently experiencing.

b. Next, list a few goals for improvement in those areas.

c. Based on your schedule, determine when you would like to see improvement.

d. Write down the activities you are willing to do in order to see improvements and to create new opportunities for peace in your life.

By simply following these steps, you’ve positioned yourself in an elite group who have a written, executable plan. Let’s get to it!

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