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“The Eyes of the Lord”

2 Chronicles 16:9 “The Eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.”

In my weakness, you make me strong

You dismiss my doubts with confidence

When I feel lost, you remind me of who you created me to be.

Dear Lord, I thank you for your goodness. You are a merciful God. I am constantly amazed at your power but for everything that you’ve done in my life, I know that you are willing, ready and able to do more.  Father God, my heart is committed to serving you. Strengthen me Lord as only you can. Help me to be mindful that every breath that I breathe is for your Glory. I thank you for being ever-present in my life and seeing me as only you can. I thank you for never leaving me and I praise your holy name because you are an awesome God. Father there are many hurting souls in this world. Please show me how to be a living testimony for those in need. Show me how to walk as a blameless example of your goodness. Show me how to communicate with a pure heart and a right mind. Father help me to see that none of this is about me but all praises and honor belong to you! You are a great God! In Jesus Name….~Amen~

I love you so much,


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Jeremiah 20:9 But if I say, “I will not mention him or speak anymore in his name, “his word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in indeed, I cannot.


This gift you have given me, I cannot take for granted

Years of molding and shaping me, on fertile soil it was planted

Your whispers are sweet and fill my heart with inspiration

One mention of Your Holy name and I get motivation

Your Word is hidden so deep in my heart

My mind begins to wonder and my pencil will start

Dictating the thoughts that you bring to my mind.

Your love for me is genuine, so caring and so kind

Your boundary lines for me, mark out pleasant places

I share the message of your love and watch the faces

Of those who believe and those new to your word

The Good News of Jesus is the best news we’ve heard

I am proud to spread the message about you my dear Savior

I am humbled and blessed to walk in your favor

If I were unable to write of your ways,

My mind would ponder on how to fill my days

Lost without you would be my banner,

So thankful am I not live in this manner!

Amen~To God Be The Glory!



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A Moment Called Suddenly

Wow, so hard to believe it’s already been a year! Sunday, September 18,2011….Thank you Lord!  Enjoy your weekend!
Inspired by: Ruth 4:14 The woman said to Naomi: Praise be to the Lord, who this day has not left you without a kinsman-redeemer.

A Moment Called Suddenly

In a moment called suddenly, God’s vision was revealed

A request that I made known to Him, according to His will

I prayed for Divine Release, of a love that would never cease

I prayed to be covered and protected, no longer having my love rejected

I prayed for favor and honor, realizing that I could no longer

Be subjected to a lesser love, than God’s best sent from above

He answered me so clear; the love I longed for came near

So gentle was his hand, Lord…. could this be the man?

Standing right before my eyes and much to my surprise

Your vision did reveal, the love I longed for was real!

With the moon so bright on that perfect night

He dropped to one knee and proposed to me

His emotions were raw; the grace of God is what I saw

It sounded like a testimony, there’s no way this could be phony

His ministry was redemption, God sent Him on this mission

Dearly beloved, do you thee wed; ring on my finger and veil on my head

The crowd was gathered and waiting in awe; a covenant exchange is what they saw

Atonement was the theme of that blessed day; my kinsman-redeemer took the curse away!

2011 copyright, Melissa Rivers-Misenheimer

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In the Meantime

Genesis 13:3 From the Negev he went from place to place until he came to Bethel, to the place between Bethel and Ai where his tent had been earlier and where he had first built and altar.  There Abram called on the name of the Lord.

In the text, Abrahm finds himself between Bethel and Ai, which literally means between “The House of God” and a “heap of ruins.” As the text identifies, this place was familiar to Abrahm because he had been there before. As Abrahm “went through” his transition he recalled the steps that he had taken previously to make it to his promised land. Previously Abrahm had pitched a tent and built an altar. In the Hebrew culture a tent, also known as a Chuppah is used as a dwelling to host the presence of God. Once a sacrifice was made on the altar, the Chuppah was used to show gratitude and served as a dwelling for the presence of the Lord. All who were covered by the Chuppah, were immersed in God’s presence and could expect miracles to be performed in their life.

Now that you know the history of it, what will you do the next time you find yourself in transition? Will you worship God and allow his presence to dwell with you or will you try to figure things our for yourself and pretend that you do not need God’s help.

The great news is that God wants to work on your behalf. He wants to work in your life and he wants to bless you above anything that your mind can comprehend! When God does an amazing thing for you, it serves as an example for the body of Christ and gives hope to others!

The best part of today’s text is the very last line. When Abrahm found himself in trouble again, he simply called on the name of the Lord! By calling God’s name, Abrahm let God know that he trusted him and had not forgotten the promises of the Lord!

Make Him Great In this Place!


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In My Daughter’s Eyes

Inspired by: My daughter Kyla

In My Daughter’s Eyes

In my daughter’s eyes there are goals to achieve

There’s a future to create and a legacy to leave

In my daughter’s eyes her life is like a song

and she’s swaying to the beat of a song she made her own

In my daughter’s eyes the finish line is close

she excels at what she does and she achieves more than most

In my daughter’s eyes education is the way

that she will finance her dreams and see a brighter day

In my daughter’s eyes I empower her to be

A woman full of confidence, grace and mercy

In my daughter’s eyes love makes her feel safe

I raised her with my love and I poured out my faith

Into a little girl so sweet, My Heavenly Father allowed me to meet

Thank you God that I see love in my daughter’s eyes!

© 2011 all rights reserved, Melissa A. Rivers-Misenheimer

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What is SUGA?

SUGA pronounced (sugar without the r) is a mindset. Suga has become the way that I govern my life and everything that I tackle. Every speech, short story, narrative, newsletter, program, flyer or original poem that I create is empowered by SUGA!

Years ago when I submitted to God’s calling in my life, he began coaching me by saying; “I am able!” I would say Lord, but I don’t have any money and he would say; “I am able!” I would say Lord; but I am a single mother and I’ve made some bad choices and he would say; “I am able!” For every excuse that I made for not finishing college or not accepting an opportunity or not completing a task he would say; “I am able!’ One day I replied back by saying, “Simply Understand God is Able?” And He said “exactly!”

From that moment forward, I made a personal decision to put a little SUGA in my life. Messed up finances…put a little SUGA on it! Bad Choices..put a little SUGA on it! Temptation and sin…put a little SUGA on it! If you make a decision to put a little SUGA in your life…it will go a long way!

SUGA is “Simply Understand God is Able!” Whatever obstacles you may face or any issue that may try to hinder the word of God in your life, simply understand God is able to fix it!

SUGA reminds me that I once was the women at the well, listening to the Lord tell me about myself and my misdeeds (John 4). SUGA reminds me that I once was that women caught in sin with nowhere left to turn but to Him (John 8) and SUGA reminds me that just like the lame man by the pool (John 5) I once was weak and felt that I had no way of getting help!

After SUGA, I once was blind but now I see! If you hold on to HIS promises just as I have, He will get you through it! He turned my single status to married, my dropout status to degreed and my messed up finances to doing just fine! Thank you Lord!

Enjoy your weekend and remember to put a little SUGA on it!

Much Love,

Mrs. Misenheimer

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A Prayer of Honesty

A Prayer of Honesty

Inspired by: Inspired by: Matthew 26:36 Then Jesus went with his disciples to a place called Gethsemane, and said to them, “Sit here while I go over there and pray.”


“A Prayer of Honesty”

My dearest Heavenly Father

I hope I am not a bother

From you I need to hear

To know that you are near

I need to feel your love

And strengthened from above

My issues have me weary

I need to see more clearly

Your word to me revealed

In your Presence I am healed

I am in my sacred place

Lying prostrate on my face

I am putting aside the weight

that you promised you would take

I am casting my cares on you

because your instruction tells me to

Lean not to my own understanding

Although my life can be demanding

I will have faith and just believe

That your Promises will be achieved!

 Much Love,

Mrs. Misenheimer

© 2011 all rights reserved, Melissa A. Rivers-Misenheimer

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Eden Revisited

In search of Acceptance…

O Desperate Woman, Inspired by: Genesis 3:6-7 When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it. 7 Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.

“O Desperate Woman”

Desperate woman to become so wise

gave up eternity because of your eyes

A pleasant sight you thought you perceived

foolish you how easily deceived

serpent came and sold you his plan

shame humanity and curse the land

close walk with God is what you lost

that bite did you estimate the cost

sorrow was multiplied and your husband shall rule

To work the ground and tend to it became his daily duel

in the midst of your rebellion God put His plan to work

Savior set on redemption would be earth’s biggest perk.

save mankind from sin and shame was His mission

educate a chosen people and bring in the addition

and Gentiles all are welcome, God wants us all

reap the benefits of redemption after mankind’s fall

and Mercy cover God’s people from head to toe

is the only Saving Grace and soon all the world will know.

…Praise God! This poem gets better with each revision…2011(c) copyright, Melissa A. Rivers-Misenheimer

Much Love,

Mrs. Misenheimer

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“The Big Day”

For the past several weeks I have been working with a group of young ladies that are contestants in the 2011 North Carolina Talented Teens Competition.  My role has been that of Speech Coordinator/Program Designer and Contributing Poet.  It is the day of the show and I am not feeling well at all….well as they say in show business….

The Show Must Go On!”

Here is my original poem..written for the girls…inspired by Genesis 29:17 “Leah had weak eyes, but Rachel had a lovely figure and was beautiful.”

This poem is written for Leah and is entitled Recognizeenjoy your weekend!



you not know? Have you not heard?

is the final word.

lasting decree spoken over me

young woman of radiance, love and beauty

by the power released from His right hand

potential to achieve more than most can

my reach is far greater than any have seen

in myself with high self-esteem

worth holds more value than rubies or gems

and confident, liberated from within

is important, I encourage those in need

live a better life and my advice I pray they heed

up to your potential and never settle for less than best

up for every challenge and deliver nothing less

all you have to give and your dreams will be fulfilled

your life on God’s foundation and your future will be sealed

Accept the blessing of His promise and make an oath to live His way

the beauty in each moment and always seize the day!

2011 Copyright, all rights reserved Melissa A. Rivers-Misenheimer

Empowered by SUGA <Simply Understand God is Able>