About My Business

Who I Am & What I Do:

1. I am a Corporate Consultant specializing in the following areas:

Improving Employee Engagement, Managing Workplace Conflict & Empowering Employees through Process Improvement

Additionally I am an Administrative Professional with skills as a Contract Administrator, PROSCI- Certified Change Manager and a Certified Lean Six-Sigma Professional. I help my clients do the work to exceed customer expectations.2. I am a Coach, specializing in Personal and Professional Development for women who experience crisis at work or at home. I offer a series of courses that help my clients take control of their situation, identify challenges and do the work to Heal, Recover and Grow through their pain. Collectively we are survivors of major health diagnosis, thriving fully and completely after divorce, winning at work or in our individual businesses and cashing major checks after financial setbacks.3. I bring teams together by facilitating customized team-building events. We can all agree that managing relations and performing community service is important, but did you know you can design a unique experience that allows you to prioritize the things that are important for you and your team to experience? I can create a customized lunch time event, arrange a service project at your location and procure materials to make it easier for your team to serve.

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