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Origins of Peace, LLC is a Consulting Firm founded on the principles of mental clarity, self-preservation and service to others. We help Corporate Clients, Business Owners and Individuals manage the intricate details of their respective projects, assignments and ideas with the hope of providing clarity and peace.

Corporate Consulting:

Our goal is to improve Employee Engagement, manage Workplace Conflict & Identify and Improve Structural Violence in Process & Operational Procedures to Empower Employees.

Additionally, we provide Administrative Services including: Contract Administration, Change Management and Process Improvement.








Personal Coaching and Professional Development:

I am passionate about helping women manage crisis at work and at home. I offer a series of courses that help my clients take control of their situation, identify limiting beliefs  and mindsets and do the work to Heal, Recover and Grow through their experiences.

Collectively we are survivors of major health diagnosis, thriving fully and completely after divorce and winning in our respective careers.

Community Service Manager:

I unite teams of people who are willing to serve with convenient opportunites of service.

Performing community service is important, but it can be time consuming and inconvenient for your schedule. I will design a unique service experience that allows you to meet the needs of your team while providing service to others.

Whether it’s a lunch time event, arranging a service project at your location or procuring materials to make serving more convient for your team, I have a solution to help.Let’s chat. I have an idea for you.Schedule Appointment

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