Origins of Peace, LLC is a full-service Conflict Resolution Consulting Firm created to build a bridge between conflict and creativity.

Our core areas of focus center around the following wellness areas: Spiritual Wellness, Occupational Wellness, Social Wellness, Emotional Wellness & Physical Wellness.

Our offerings use creativity as a means to reduce conflict by prioritizing individual wellbeing as a method to achieve corporate goals.

We serve individuals, organizations and business clients through personal and professional development, leadership training and workshops to improve social wellness.

Our individual coaching services focus on the individual who is creating a new path forward after dealing with life transitions and advancement challenges. After completing our initial Create! Empowerment Course, participants can opt-in to receive month to month coach in our Peace by Design Academy.

Our organized team building services are centered around social wellness with an emphasis on effective communication, mediation, and networking.

Request our 2023 Corporate Pitch Deck to check out the various offerings that we can provide to your company by sending an email to melissa_rivers@originsofpeace.com.

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Charlotte, NC

Within Origins of Peace, I am referred to as a Creative Peace Coach, using creativity to solution many of my clients most challenging problems.

My workshops are created to help my clients resolve conflict by equipping them to challenge the norm, dismiss limiting beliefs, and reframe problems as opportunities to create a new way forward.

While the country was in lockdown due to uncertainty about COVID-19, many people began purchasing houseplants as a way to cleanse the air in their homes and to liven up their space. I was no exception to this trend. As a way to “dress up” my houseplants, I began creating Planters as a unique home decor item to display my houseplants in a fun and creative way. After posting a few pictures online, I received hundreds of requests from all around the country. I scaled my company to include this unique home decor item and now I teach others how to create their own Planters in individual and group settings.

PlanterswithSOUL! has become my number one service for teambuilding to improve social wellness and authentic expression. This service is great for building connection, authenticity and collaboration amongst team members.

During a traumatic season in my own life, I experienced divorce, cancer and job loss all within a 6-month time period, which lead to the creation of this company, as well as the structure for my signature teambuilding service,

CREATE! Empowerment Session.

After in-depth self-reflection, I created a plan for change and did the work to make it happen.

Create! is offered in individual and group settings.

Corporate Clients & Small Business Owners

corporate and small business

In addition to being the owner and founder of Origins of Peace, I am a corporate professional certified in Change Management, Lean Six Sigma, Facilitation, and Process Documentation.

  • I am a PROSCI Certified Change Manager possessing the training, skillset, and resources to help activate change within your organization

  • I am a Certified Lean Six-Sigma Green Belt qualified to help you create and document a solid plan to improve inefficiencies

  • I am a Certified Lean Facilitator possessing the ability to facilitate discussions that resolve conflict through Root Cause Analysis and Contract Negotiations

  • I hold a master’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies which means I have the knowledge to help you identify and understand the challenges that are keeping you stuck, coupled with the ability to help you develop a workable plan of action.

At Origins of Peace, we take a NOW approach to getting things done

Notice It, Own It, Work Through It!

NACIS Codes:

  • 541613, 541611, 514614, 541613, 812199

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