About Me

My name is Melissa Rivers and I am a Conflict Resolution Strategist. I teach strategies that provide guidance for mental clarity, self-preservation and service to others. Additionally, I create courses that empower women to trust themselves more!

I have a strong passion for creativity. I love creative writing, creative problem solving and creative imagery.ย  My ability to think outside of the box and see the BIGGER picture allows me to generate solutions when other’s can’t.

I started my business after experiencing a series of personal and professional setbacks. Within a few short months I went through divorce, cancer, job loss and financial crisis. I had to constantly thinkย BIGGER than my circumstances in orderย to get free from my despair.

Combine my heart full of faith, huge imagination, academic accomplishments and professional success and you have the perfect formula to get things done!

Professionally I have a Graduate Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies and Certifications in both Lean Six Sigma and Change Management. Personally I believe that all things work together for my good and that I am fully capable to accomplish every good work!

I would love to help you design a solution for the challenges that you are currently facing.

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Create your peace,

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