Origins of Peace, LLC is a Continuous Improvement Consulting Firm specializing in Improvement Solutions for both Personal & Professional Development. We are a Certified Minority / Woman Owned Business servicing women who are embracing their next chapter in life, as well as Small Business Owners and Corporate Clients.

As a firm we help solution our client’s most challenging issues, and we empower them to overcome obstacles by using creativity to implement intentional action for improvement.

We are M/WBE, SDB & WOSB Certified.

Charlotte, NC

My name is Melissa Rivers and I am the Owner of Origins of Peace, LLC and the Executive Creativity Peace Coach.

I use creativity to solution many of life’s most challenging problems. I help my clients target quick, effective wins that help them understand how to challenge the norm, dismiss limiting beliefs, and reframe problems as opportunities using alternative solutions.

Through creative activities such as crafting, journaling and relaxation exercises, participants produce feel-good hormones in their body that improve memory and emotional well-being, reduce physical pain, and relieve depression and symptoms of anxiety.

During a traumatic season in my own life, I experienced divorce, cancer and job loss all within a 6-month time period.

After analyzing my Wellness Dimensions, I knew change was necessary, so I began by writing a Vision Statement and developing goals to help me manifest my vision.

Once I had an established plan, I set a timeline to diligently work toward achieving my goals and I put in the work to make change happen.

What does Peace look like to you?

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                                                                               Create Your Heart-Centered Business!

Life’s challenges and how we respond to them can bring out the best or worst in each of us. 

Depending on your response, you gain the opportunity to create a Heart-Centered Business and to strengthen those skills which might otherwise remain dormant within you.  

A heart-centered business is one that is built from passion. 

Founding a business based on interests that ignite your passion have proven to be highly successful if done correctly. One thing to be mindful of is the need to set boundaries around what the business needs and what your personally desire. 

I would love to help you create your Heart-Centered Business. Let’s create your plan. 

 Program includes: 

Business Consulting starts at $250.00

 Book your session by clicking here. 

corporate and small business

Corporate Clients & Small Business Owners 

Origins of Peace, LLC is a Consulting Firm offering services in Conflict Resolution and Continuous Improvement. 

My job is to illustrate your change journey by helping you identify your current challenges, define a method of transformation and execute an implementation strategy. 

I am a PROSCI Certified Change Manager which means I have the training, skillset, and resources to help you activate change in your business. 

I am a Certified Lean Six-Sigma Green Belt which means I have the training, skillset, and resources to help you create a solid plan for improvement. 

I hold a master’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies which means I have the knowledge and know how to help you identify and understand what is holding you back.

Is it time to review your process? Are your employees disgruntled? Do you deal with workplace conflict among your employees? Have you made changes to ensure your success in today’s economic climate?

Do you have a social distancing plan to keep your clients, customers and staff safe? 

 Let’s Map It Out! Allow me to help you. Click here for assistance. 

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